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Mobility Electric 3 Wheel Scooter for TWO in Smiths Falls, Ontario for sale

Mobility Electric 3 Wheel Scooter for TWO
Mobility Electric 3 Wheel Scooter for TWO
Mobility Electric 3 Wheel Scooter for TWO

The toy I got old enough to play with
Having suffered for the last 7 years from COPD I found myself one day doing what I always do, NOTHING. My thoughts turned to mobility and how I couldn't go out for a walk any distance. I felt I had to do something about it and even bought myself a medical chair scooter. What I got was the kind you see at the courtesy station in large stores. This got me around, but it was slow, rough ride that hurt and it wouldn't run on grass and dirt roads, (they don't have springs and very hard little wheels) truthfully I was embarrassed to be seen on it. This started me looking around for something cool and enjoyable to drive. I found what I thought I wanted on, so I ordered it only to have my order cancelled. A few days later I found it for more money again posted on Amazon, again I ordered it. Then a week later I get cancelled again and repeated this two more time. I am sold that this trike is what I want so I need to find another supplier. To the internet I go and after a long period of looking I find it in Asia. To make a long story short after hours of internet time in the middle of the night, I ordered a unit. Eighty days later it showed up and I can't be any happier with what I got.
I would like to make older people as happy as I am. This is something that if you try it you will want one also. As simple as you and a partner or friend packing a picnic and going to the park. How about a quick run to the grocery store with lots of space for purchases. One of the hardest chores for seniors is walking the dog to the dog park. Now you and your dog can ride and you can sit at the dog park while your dog runs and exercises. At the campground night or day (your trike has a full set of lights) you can travel from one campsite to another and bring your partner with you. Also can be used as a golf cart at the golf course. Bring it on the back of your camper so you can use it for getting around local towns. After all it will cost you about $1.00 worth of electricity for 400 km. And the best reason at all, for a disabled senior, it's fun and you are free again.

Category:  Motorcycles and Parts  |  Address:  Smiths Falls Ontario

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